Want the best cell plan? The best phone and network? Do you want it FREE?

With CellNUVO you too can get it all Free! CellNUVO allows you to connect to any of the nation's best cellphone plans and all the top networks. You choose the best coverage, plan and phone that's perfect for you. Install the CellNUVO app and swipe. You will automatically start earning Silver and Gold which you can use to pay for your plan and even get a new smart phone for free. It works with inexpensive low use plans as well as totally unlimited talk, text and data plans. Some of our subscribers have even earned enough for the latest iPhone in less than 1 month.


All the nation's newest, super-fast, super-reliable networks with 4G LTE

You can now pick which network is right for you, GSM or CDMA. You can look at the maps below to determine the best coverage in your area. Click on the images to load a more detailed, interactive map.

sprint coverage map tmobile coverage map
verizon coverage map at&t coverage map

Use the smartphone you already own. Or, get a new one on us!

-Apple iPhones using iOS7 or newer.

-Android phones with Android version 4.1 or newer.

Our service works with both Android (4.1x and newer) and iPhone (5S and newer in December 2017). If you don't already have a compatible phone, check out your chosen carrier's selection of awesome phones. If you want to upgrade and get a new phone for free, no problem, simply swipe away in the CellNUVO app.

The best ways to get a new phone for free:

  1. Get a phone from your new or existing carrier. CellNUVO can pay the combined plan and phone payments each month.
  2. Buy a phone from Apple with the iPhone upgrade program (online or in the store) and use CellNUVO to make your payments for you.

To see how easy it is, install our app and enter a referral code (or type FREE if you don't have one). On the next screen enter your email address and we will email your password, enter that and simply swipe to earn.

Yes, you really can get a new smartphone and 4G LTE cell for free.

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Our Customers Think We Are The Best

“Such high quality service and I haven’t paid a cell bill in two years. This was one of the best financial decisions I have ever made.” - Brad, age 34

“I initially couldn’t believe that there was a free no limit cell phone service, but over the last 18 months that I have used CellNUVO I have become a true believer.” - Jerry, Chicago

“After I retired I was looking for a way to save money, and with CellNUVO I can chat with my grand kids for free.” - Terri, age 68

“With three teenagers at home, my cell phone bill was outrageous, but since we started using CellNUVO in 2013, I have saved over $5,000” - Becky, mother of three

“CellNUVO does it right, I recommend their service to all my friends.” - Tom, Kewanee.


Say Goodbye to...

Say goodbye to your old phone, get a new one for free.

Say goodbye to insufficient plans, get the plan you need since it will be free.

Say goodbye to paying your outrageous cell bill every month, use our app to pay it for you.

Say goodbye to limits, compromises and settling for second best.


Keep your plan or get a new one!

You can choose a new plan and phone company or keep it as it is, either way, we can make your payments for you. To help you choose the best plan for you go here.


How it works:

CellNUVO works the way you do. No limits! No thresholds, no fine print... you use it how and when it suits you. You can earn silver at your own pace or let our system “automagically” manage it for you. You don't need to miss a bill payment again because CellNUVO can pay it for you automatically or remind you when it is time to pay the bill, so we can pay it for you.

Install the CellNUVO app:

Tap here or go to the app store and search for CellNUVO and install it. On the first screen enter a referral code (or type FREE if you do not have one). On the next screen enter your email address and we will send you the password. After entering your password in the app you can Swipe away and your Silver balance will grow.

Choose your plan:

You can always choose to keep your existing plan but if you want to check if there is a better option available check them out here. Whether you pick a new one or keep your existing plan all you need to do is, enter the details in the settings of your CellNUVO app.

How Does Silver and Gold Work?

You get to choose how you earn Silver If you have just a bit of time, you can chose to earn quick silver. If you have a few minutes you can choose to earn more by interacting with longer messages and surveys.

You can earn unlimited silver. It is up to you. As your Silver grows it is automatically converted to Gold which can be redeemed (used to pay your bill) from within the app. Your Silver will automatically convert to Gold at the rate of 1000 Silver to 1 Gold and 1 Gold pays $1 of your bill. For example: if your bill is $35 a month you simply need to earn more than 35 Gold.

You're probably thinking if silver can pay my bills it must be hard to earn: but no it is super easy and takes just a few seconds.

Here’s how easy it is to earn Silver:

1 Ad = 1 to 100 Silver

1 Quick Questionnaire = 5 to 100 Silver

1 Activity Award = 100 to 1,000 Silver

1 Completed Survey = 100 to 5,000 Silver

Still not convinced? Seeing is believing, so see for yourself with our, no risk, no cost, try before you buy opportunity. Simply install our app, enter your referral code, and swipe the main screen to earn silver. It is that easy, see for yourself now.

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Watch Videos

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Let’s Do This.

  1. Because: best network, coverage and plans for free.

  2. Because you can keep your phone or upgrade free.

  3. Because it is so easy and hassle free.

  4. Because you deserve it, do right by you!

Because you can't beat the best... for FREE! Get started now!

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I would like to keep my existing plan

Step 1.  Install the CellNUVO app: Tap Android or iPhone or open the app store on your phone and search for CellNUVO.
Step 2.  Use your referral code (or type FREE if you don't have one). Then enter your email address and the password we email to you.
Step 3.  Swipe!
Add Plan Now Add Plan Now

I would like a new plan.

Step 1.  Install the CellNUVO app: Tap Android or iPhone or open the app store on your phone and search for CellNUVO.
Step 2.  Use your referral code (or type FREE if you don't have one). Then enter your email address and the password we email to you.
Step 3.  Choose your new plan here. or get your new plan directly from the carrier.
Step 4.  Remember to enter the payment details for your new plan in the app.
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